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Lexus LFA 1/24
Code: T24319
Unit: EACH
Description: Lexus LFA 1/24

Specs & Features
1/24 scale plastic assembly model kit.
Length: 188mm, Width: 85mm.
The sleek, aerodynamic body design has been accurately reproduced.
The front hood is open-able even after assembly.
The Lexus LFA's motor has been accurately reproduced in rich detail.
The interior and dashboard are faithfully reproduced.
Model may be assembled with the rear wing in either deployed or retracted states. Magnets enable wing parts to be interchanged.
Side mirror surfaces and the model's emblems are depicted with metal transfers.
The light cases are depicted with gloss metal-plated parts for added realism.
Wheels feature mat metal-plated finish for a sharp finish
The front grille and mesh parts are depicted with photo-etched parts.
Tires are realistically reproduced with synthetic rubber.

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