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Tamiya Kawasaki 1300 Engine

This is a re-issue (the first since 1984!) of the highly detailed 1/6 scale depiction of the 6-cylinder from Kawasaki motorcycles such as the Z1300 and KZ1300. The engine was undersquare, with stroke and bore measurements of 71mm and 62mm respectively, and while a little thirsty could propel the Z1300 to speeds in excess of 220km/h.

•This is a 1/6 scale plastic model assembly kit.

•The DOHC inline-6 water-cooled engine is recreated with aplomb, including depictions of the radiator, air cleaner and drive shaft.

•Complex cylinder head cover and triple carburettors are recreated with accuracy.

•In addition to plastic parts, a number of chrome and matte-plated components are included for a highly realistic finish.

•Comes with mesh to recreate the stone guard, plus a synthetic rubber shaft boot.

•The model is screw-fixed to the included display stand, for which a sticker is also provided, listing engine specifications and data.

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Classic Carlectables
Team C