This Chaos Space Marines Battleforce builds a massive army, led by a Chaos Lord with a Jump Pack, available here for the first time. He leads a contingent of Raptors, while a host of mortal cultists takes objectives, bogs down the enemy, and finishes off weakened units. A mighty Daemon Prince lends his considerable power wherever it's needed, rounding out a very versatile force.

This set includes the following multipart plastic models:

- 1x Chaos Lord with Jump Pack

- 1x Daemon Prince

- 10x Raptors (which can also be built as Dark Talons)

- 5x Dark Commune

- 10x Chaos Cultists

- 8x Accursed Cultists

- 5x Chaos Space Marines transfer sheets


All models come with their appropriate bases and transfer sheets

Paint and glue not included

SKU WH-99120102189
Brand Warhammer

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